Plant Nation is redefining protein for Australians

Since developing our Australian made, fresh, plant-based sausages and burgers, Plant Nation has been on a mission to encourage more Australians to make the best choice for their palate, plate and planet.

Why? By incorporating more meat-free meals into our diet, we can have an enormous impact on both ourselves and the environment.

From lowering the risk of coronary heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes and stroke, research continually shows that adopting a plant-based diet and reducing our intake of meat supports our health.

But not only is it better for us – it’s better for our environment too. In fact, reducing the amount of meat we consume is the single biggest way to reduce your environmental impact on the planet.

Plant Nation’s range of vegetarian and vegan friendly plant-protein based products makes it easy for Australians to experience the health and environmental benefits of a plant-based diet, without missing out on the flavours they’ve come to know and love.

Low in fat and high in protein and iron, with up to 80% less fat than traditional manufactured-meat products, Plant Nation’s sausages and burgers are a healthy, nutritious and delicious choice for you and your family.

Partners for the planet

The Plant Nation range has been made possible thanks to a partnership with Hungry Planet – a leading premium, plant-based meat producer.

For over 14 years, Hungry Planet has been trialing and testing their range of premium plant-based meats to ensure they have the taste and texture of traditional meat, but remain 100% plant protein.

Hungry Planet operates on the belief that if we take care of the planet, it will take care of us.

No compromise on taste

Hearty, satisfying and lovingly crafted in Australia with the freshest vegetables, herbs and spices, Plant Nation’s range of meat-free sausages and burgers will tantalise any tastebud.

So, whether you’re eliminating meat from your diet, or simply cutting back, Plant Nation’s fresh and healthy range of products make it easy to switch.

Together, we can help create a more sustainable future for generations to come – one sausage at a time.

Why Plant Nation?

We make fresh, tasty and nutritious Australian made plant-based proteins.


Better for your health, with up to 80% less fat than traditional sausages.


Unlike many other plant-based proteins, Plant Nation products are not thawed or frozen.


Our products are made in Australia.


Better for the environment.


Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.


All Plant Nation products are gluten free!

We’re bringing Plant Nation to a supermarket near you

Whether you’re eliminating meat from your diet, or simply cutting back, Plant Nation’s fresh and healthy range of products make it easy to switch.

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