Italian Herb Chicken Style Wrap

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It’s super quick and easy to make, but best of all its DELICIOUS! Plus, no one likes to waste food, so it can be a great way to use any leftover burgers you have in the fridge or from last night’s dinner. We used our plant-based chicken style burgers for this recipe, because who doesn’t loooove a good ‘chicken mayo’ combo.

What You’ll Need:
Plant Nation Italian Herb Chicken Style Burgers
Vegan Mayo
Vegan Parmesan
Mixed Lettuce
Avocado, sliced
Parsley, lightly chopped
Salt and pepper to taste

What You Need To Do:
Cook the burgers according to directions on the back of the packet. Once cooked, slice the burgers into 3 strips. Spread mayonnaise down the center of the wrap, stopping an inch from the bottom. Layer the lettuce, avocado, parsley and chicken strips over the mayo. Sprinkle with Parmesan and parsley then season with salt and pepper. Fold the bottom up, then the two sides towards the center and that’s it, your done! Like we said… quick, easy, delicious.

Notes: For a creamy version, smash the avocado first and spread next to the mayo. Use gluten free wraps for a totally GF friendly meal.

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